Failing before I have begun

That’s pretty much how I feel at the moment. I look at myself and think am I ever going to be happy with myself? Will I ever gain the confidence I so badly need? I tired doing something different with my hair today. I hated it. I hated the way it made me look, I hated the fact that it made my face look fatter. I’m hoping that this journey will change how I look at myself. If I can say by the end of 2016 that I am a some what yummy mummy then I have achieved what I set out to achieve. At this moment in time I am finding it hard to believe I can do it.

Anyway make up. Today I went for a purple eye shadow from one of the palettes I brought yesterday. Not sure what to think, hubby didn’t say anything so couldn’t have been to bad.


Growing collection

I have a nice collection growing, just a shame there are all neutral or dark colours. At the moment sticking that is best for me just because I don’t want to try something too different just yet.
My hubby surprisingly is liking the full face make-up. I think he can see it is giving me that bit more confidence I need  and hopefully in turn when hubby passes he tests for the forces and we move it will give me that confidence to get out more.
So this is where my collection lies at them moment.

It is getting there, hopefully in a few weeks I can get a nice make-up storage tidier to put my make-up in so it looks nice.
I brought a few more bits today to add to my collection. Hubby gave me the money and told me to go treat myself.
DSC00933It was meant to be if you spent £8 on selected items in this range then you’ll get a eye-shadow palette free which had to certain ones, which I did and it did not come free, which was disappointing but because I wanted them all anyway I still got it. Can’t wait to test some of these tomorrow.
Also a few days ago I found a really nice holder for my brushes all though not keen on the massive gem at the front, but for £2.50 and for it looking pretty nice I could not complain.
DSC00929Sorry the image is the wrong way can’t figure out how to rotate it. Also hoping to add more brushes to this soon. I have a sleek set that I use quite a bit. I love it, it has it’s own wallet so I keep them in there. These are ones I got for Christmas off of my hubby.

What the hell!!

Yesterday I wrote about a bra I had brought, put it on this morning to a gap between the bra and my boobs, that was upsetting. When I was pregnant I was so happy my boobs had grown. not much but I had finally gone up to a C cup. The bra I got was a B so that means not only have I gone done one cup size I’ve gone down two. I could actually feel my eyes water up when I saw that gap. My other B cup bras fit so I am hoping its just the bra or the fact that my boobs are not as full as they used to be. I guess that’s to be expected after having three babies even if I couldn’t breastfeed them.

Right todays face is pretty much the same as the other day, only without the contour and eye shadow. I’ve been thinking, would I get a better contour look if I used a foundation a shade or two darker then the foundation I use. I may try this in a few weeks time.
I’ve been looking at make-up storages and dressing tables. I want something nice to display my make up. At the moment they are in a craft box I got from hobbycraft and a 3 drawer meant to be for screws I got from poundland. I would like to get a dressing table just so I had somewhere nice to put my make on instead of using the mirror above the TV in the bedroom, and using my chest of drawers to keep my make-up on. Something to save up for I guess.

Here is todays face. Really needing to dye my hair as it starting to turn orange but having to wait as I didn’t dye that long as go. I can see me caving in come the new year. Oh yea I got a bargain buy as well. Well I thought it was hehe. Found this mirrow in poundland as well. I don’t usually like pink but I thought the pink gems have it quite a nice touch, they also do it with purple gems.

Ahhhh!!! Breakout!!

Spots spots spots, I haven’t had spots for months, actually since falling pregnant with my youngest. The spots are not too bad, you can’t really see them, I can just feel they are there so today I had a no make up day.
We did do a little bit of shopping today, I a lovely blue and black bra in the sales. £5. Pretty good if you ask me. Also got a new game, unrelated to the blog I know, but i’m a little geeky, only a little, I got black ops 3, tried playing spilt screen with the hubby earlier, oh…my…good I hated it, you barely see anything, I don’t if that’s just because of the size of our TV or what.
Anyway back on subject. Ok so seeing though I have a break out of spots I need to find some spot preventing skin care, I have no idea where to look or what to get without feeling like a teenager again. Also feeling like I need to dye my hair again, The colour has really faded, but because my hair is so fine I still have to wait a good month or two.

Today’s face

On my face today we have a

  • L’Oreal infallible primer £7.99
  • L’Oreal infallible 24hour matte foundation £7.99
  • Rimmel soft Khol eyeliner – black £2.99
  • Rimmel day to night mascara £7.99
  • Rimmel the only 1 lipstick – shade 800 under my spell £6.99
  • Freedom contour kit £3.50
  • Make me up eye shadow £5.00


Ok so that’s the make-up part, i’ll go into what I think of the products a bit more in a bit, firstly moisturisers. In the mornings I use  Garnier moisture Matte, oil-free, I love how fresh and soft this makes my skin. At night just before getting into bed I use Garnier moisture restore night care. This I like because again it makes my skin feel so fresh after a long day.  Both these products I found in Asda for £2 each. on offer at the moment.

ok so the make up products. I LOVE the primer and foundation. The great thing about this foundation is that it is for oily skin, and its a great price.
When I did wear foundation my skin use to soak it up in a matter of hours. This stuff stays on all day it is that good.

The eyeliner I have always used. Mainly because of the price. I don’t really like spending a lot on myself, so for me to spend that much on make up was hard. it made me feel bad as there are better things I could have spent that money on, like a new hoover. Anyway back to the eyeliner. for £2.99 you don’t really expect too much but in fact your actually getting a bargain, it stays on most the day. Down side is that it is easily smudged.

The mascara is another product I have used before. To be honest using it today its not as good as I remembered. The good thing is that it doesn’t make the eyes feel heavy or the lashes feel overly hard. For a product that is meant to give the lashes length and volume it doesn’t really do that.

The contour kit seemed a popular choice, and for £3.50 its worth a try. It’s a powder one which looks alright on top of the matte foundation, but I wonder if a cream version would be better. This product is not all to easy to blend.

The eye shadow was a Christmas present from my husband. It doesn’t seem to stay on very long which is a shame as the shades look pretty good.

And finally the lipstick. Another product I love. I love the shade and I love how easy it is to put on. Down side don’t eat a burger with it on, the oil from it just takes the lipstick right off, other then that so far it seem to be a good lipstick of choice.





Time for a new me

If you haven’t read the about me part of my blog, I am doing this as I fell that I need a change. i’m 27 and a mummy to 3 boys, don’t usually wear much make up and always wear the same sort of clothes.
my plan is to go from little miss plan jane to some what yummy mummy by this time next year and here is where I will write about it.

Ok so firstly a photo of me today. i’m lack confidence so this is hard for me. I am hoping by doing this i’ll also gain some confidence. As it’s boxing day and we weren’t leaving the house today is a no make up day, gives my eyes a rest from all the eye liner and mascara.  I hate my skin I find that its blotchy and has big pores, always can be prone to spots.