Today’s face

On my face today we have a

  • L’Oreal infallible primer £7.99
  • L’Oreal infallible 24hour matte foundation £7.99
  • Rimmel soft Khol eyeliner – black £2.99
  • Rimmel day to night mascara £7.99
  • Rimmel the only 1 lipstick – shade 800 under my spell £6.99
  • Freedom contour kit £3.50
  • Make me up eye shadow £5.00


Ok so that’s the make-up part, i’ll go into what I think of the products a bit more in a bit, firstly moisturisers. In the mornings I use  Garnier moisture Matte, oil-free, I love how fresh and soft this makes my skin. At night just before getting into bed I use Garnier moisture restore night care. This I like because again it makes my skin feel so fresh after a long day.  Both these products I found in Asda for £2 each. on offer at the moment.

ok so the make up products. I LOVE the primer and foundation. The great thing about this foundation is that it is for oily skin, and its a great price.
When I did wear foundation my skin use to soak it up in a matter of hours. This stuff stays on all day it is that good.

The eyeliner I have always used. Mainly because of the price. I don’t really like spending a lot on myself, so for me to spend that much on make up was hard. it made me feel bad as there are better things I could have spent that money on, like a new hoover. Anyway back to the eyeliner. for £2.99 you don’t really expect too much but in fact your actually getting a bargain, it stays on most the day. Down side is that it is easily smudged.

The mascara is another product I have used before. To be honest using it today its not as good as I remembered. The good thing is that it doesn’t make the eyes feel heavy or the lashes feel overly hard. For a product that is meant to give the lashes length and volume it doesn’t really do that.

The contour kit seemed a popular choice, and for £3.50 its worth a try. It’s a powder one which looks alright on top of the matte foundation, but I wonder if a cream version would be better. This product is not all to easy to blend.

The eye shadow was a Christmas present from my husband. It doesn’t seem to stay on very long which is a shame as the shades look pretty good.

And finally the lipstick. Another product I love. I love the shade and I love how easy it is to put on. Down side don’t eat a burger with it on, the oil from it just takes the lipstick right off, other then that so far it seem to be a good lipstick of choice.






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