Ahhhh!!! Breakout!!

Spots spots spots, I haven’t had spots for months, actually since falling pregnant with my youngest. The spots are not too bad, you can’t really see them, I can just feel they are there so today I had a no make up day.
We did do a little bit of shopping today, I a lovely blue and black bra in the sales. £5. Pretty good if you ask me. Also got a new game, unrelated to the blog I know, but i’m a little geeky, only a little, I got black ops 3, tried playing spilt screen with the hubby earlier, oh…my…good I hated it, you barely see anything, I don’t if that’s just because of the size of our TV or what.
Anyway back on subject. Ok so seeing though I have a break out of spots I need to find some spot preventing skin care, I have no idea where to look or what to get without feeling like a teenager again. Also feeling like I need to dye my hair again, The colour has really faded, but because my hair is so fine I still have to wait a good month or two.


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