What the hell!!

Yesterday I wrote about a bra I had brought, put it on this morning to a gap between the bra and my boobs, that was upsetting. When I was pregnant I was so happy my boobs had grown. not much but I had finally gone up to a C cup. The bra I got was a B so that means not only have I gone done one cup size I’ve gone down two. I could actually feel my eyes water up when I saw that gap. My other B cup bras fit so I am hoping its just the bra or the fact that my boobs are not as full as they used to be. I guess that’s to be expected after having three babies even if I couldn’t breastfeed them.

Right todays face is pretty much the same as the other day, only without the contour and eye shadow. I’ve been thinking, would I get a better contour look if I used a foundation a shade or two darker then the foundation I use. I may try this in a few weeks time.
I’ve been looking at make-up storages and dressing tables. I want something nice to display my make up. At the moment they are in a craft box I got from hobbycraft and a 3 drawer meant to be for screws I got from poundland. I would like to get a dressing table just so I had somewhere nice to put my make on instead of using the mirror above the TV in the bedroom, and using my chest of drawers to keep my make-up on. Something to save up for I guess.

Here is todays face. Really needing to dye my hair as it starting to turn orange but having to wait as I didn’t dye that long as go. I can see me caving in come the new year. Oh yea I got a bargain buy as well. Well I thought it was hehe. Found this mirrow in poundland as well. I don’t usually like pink but I thought the pink gems have it quite a nice touch, they also do it with purple gems.


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