Growing collection

I have a nice collection growing, just a shame there are all neutral or dark colours. At the moment sticking that is best for me just because I don’t want to try something too different just yet.
My hubby surprisingly is liking the full face make-up. I think he can see it is giving me that bit more confidence I need  and hopefully in turn when hubby passes he tests for the forces and we move it will give me that confidence to get out more.
So this is where my collection lies at them moment.

It is getting there, hopefully in a few weeks I can get a nice make-up storage tidier to put my make-up in so it looks nice.
I brought a few more bits today to add to my collection. Hubby gave me the money and told me to go treat myself.
DSC00933It was meant to be if you spent £8 on selected items in this range then you’ll get a eye-shadow palette free which had to certain ones, which I did and it did not come free, which was disappointing but because I wanted them all anyway I still got it. Can’t wait to test some of these tomorrow.
Also a few days ago I found a really nice holder for my brushes all though not keen on the massive gem at the front, but for £2.50 and for it looking pretty nice I could not complain.
DSC00929Sorry the image is the wrong way can’t figure out how to rotate it. Also hoping to add more brushes to this soon. I have a sleek set that I use quite a bit. I love it, it has it’s own wallet so I keep them in there. These are ones I got for Christmas off of my hubby.


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