Could not wait any longer

I had to do it, I had to dye my hair, I’ve not done it myself before so I hoping its come out ok. I mostly wait for my hair to dry naturally so won’t see the real result till the morning.

I’ve been think about body image and how it effects how we feel about ourselves. Now I don’t like my body its why I want to get my college body back. I know it will take a lot of work to get that body back. I found an app called “5 minute home workout” so far it seems pretty good, it gives you things to do for the area you want to work on, and it’s just 5 minutes of your day. Of course it’s more if you want to target more then one area.
Often I hear publicity is to blame how most of us feel about ourselves. I think there is some truth to it, but you can’t blame publicity wholly. I think it’s partly down to what people say to you as well. if your told your ugly you’ll going think that, if your told your fat chances are you’ll think that. A lot of it comes down to how you see your self as well. Trying to get the frame of mind that it doesn’t matter what people think is hard, lets face it, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell your self you don’t care what people think there is always that little bit that actually dose.

Today hubby told me to spend the day in bed and to relax, I had been feeling pretty tired and drained the last few days so it was just what I needed, of course I had the youngest with me, he’s only 2 months old and is very much a mummy’s boy at the moment. I managed to get a smile on my phone today, so very cute.





So today I started looking up eye shadows to suit different colour eyes. Mine are a greeny colour so started with that, I was actually quite surprised to see pale pinks are a good colour to wear and that grey’s and silvers where a no no, well never really liked silver buy grey’s I wear often. Red’s and golds are meant to be another good one and browns and nudes.
Now me being me is very unlikely to be trying the pinks but the nudes and browns I’ve stated playing around with. I didn’t get the chance to look up other colours so will do this either when my little ones doesn’t keep waking up or tomorrow.

Now to end with photo of the day.
what I did today
please excuse the no make-up and the fact i’m in my dressing gown, its a bit chilly tonight so I am currently tucked up in bed.





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