Really? Would have never thought of that.

So I was scrolling through my facebook wall when I came across an ad. It was saying that coconut oil is really good for removing eye make up. I didn’t really read it, just read the header. Anyway, it got me thinking would it really work? What would it do for your skin? my skin can be quite oily so would it just make that worse?. Apart of me wants to give it a go, see if it dose actually work., but then theres that part of me that doesn’t want to waste the money on something that would just be a load of pants. The last thing I want to do is make my skin worse. As it is I work up with an oily face, first time in months. My skin is breaking out in little spots, I really don’t want to make it any worse.

I remember always being told that stress ages you and oh my have I been stressed lately, I think that might be a factor into why skin is so badly lately. Theres a lot going on at the moment. My eldest has his first speech therapy session on Wednesday. I’m a little worried how he’ll be. Sometimes if he doesn’t know someone he won’t talk. He’ll say a few words, mainly dinosaur, but that’s it. A few family members think he has Autism, so if he dose I am hoping the speech therapist will pick up on it and refer him so he can get officially diagnosed. I haven’t really looked into and I really should but i’m worried it will frighten me, i’m worried i’ll find all the horror stories. If it dose turn out that he dose have it I know i’ll just blame myself, it was me he stopped growing in, it was my body that had started to starve him, it was me who agreed with consultants that it would be best to get him out quick. He wasn’t all that early, he was born at 36+4, but I will still blame myself. Hubby thinks I am silly and I shouldn’t blame myself. its nothing I could have done, these things just happen, sometimes there is no reason for why the body dose that. He says Autism is more of a genetic thing, again it’s something I have not looked into. I really should for Wednesday. Anyway hubby’s youngest brother has autism, I know of one of his cousins have it as well, He said that it tends to come from the father’s side. The way he was talking did make me feel at ease, It made me feel like he knew quite a bit about it and that maybe he had down some research. All this is only adding to the stress because I have no idea what my son wants half the time, he can’t tell me so he ends up getting stressed which in turn ends up making me stress because usually he ends up screaming or slapping his head. We did try to stop him from slapping his head, he’s a lot better then he used to be, but I think it is one of his quirks as the health visitor put it. She thinks he’s not and that it’s all just a phase but has referred him to see a nursery nurse at the end of February. Rather then me going to them they are coming to us so he is in the comfort of his own home, so hopefully he’d still be himself.

I was going to write a review today about the foundation I have been using but to be honest I think I talk a bit too much about make up. I don’t really know anything about. I just buy products that seem good, that are on offer or that have been talked about a lot depending on price. I watch videos on the best ways the apply it and try it myself. I tried smokey eyes with purple eye shadow today, failed at the smokey eyes but the purple did help with making my eyes stand out more.

Right day 3 of picture of the day.
Today is Water.
So this photo I took a few days ago, I love watching the waves crash against the seafront, I just it so interesting to be honest I find weather interesting.
waves1This is my unedited one. My edited is more of a stormy look. I love the HDR edit, I love how stormy it can make a picture.
Ok so I have to add the edited one as well just so you get an idea of what I am on about.waves2




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