shaving balm as primer

Ok so to help me on my some what yummy mummy journey a few weeks a ago I joined a make up group. The tips on there are amazing. Its not just people who are great at doing make up, its also people like me. People who never really wore a lot of make up. One thing that keeps coming up is using Nivea men’s post balm shave as a primer. I’ve not yet tried it but will be as the Nivea set I got my hubby had some in. Any way the reviews are unexpected. Most say the find it better then using an actual primer, and the make up stays on longer. I have noticed that although my foundation is still on at the end of the day, well some of it, the contour isn’t. So maybe if I used the shaving balm then it will still be on at the end of the day.

I am thinking about getting some more make-up tomorrow. I am going to pop into superdrugs and boots to see what make up gift sets they have left. I did see something in superdrugs before Christmas so hopefully they still have some left. I think I have figured out why my skin is going spotty. the pill!!. not saying it is the whole reason but it has a part to play. its more hormones going into my body. I’ve also noticed that my belly seems to be getting bigger so as of tomorrow I will start exercising everyday. I need to get my college body back for me.


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