The Aurora band

A few weeks ago I saw a post about the Aurora band. The band is placed around your head and your curl your hair around the band. Now when I saw the results it had given the lady I wanted one. I thought to myself how often would I use it? and ended up stopping myself from getting one. I do that a lot. I could really want something but I’ll guilt myself into not getting it. Anyway as I don’t have a band I thought I’d try the same technic with one of my band t-shirts. My band t-shirts are pretty much men’s shirts. I wear them to bed as I like the bag. Anyway tried it last night and thought yea this may work. It didn’t work!.
The t-shirt kept sliding down my face and it was pretty uncomfortable to sleep in. That got me thinking about how comfy it would be to sleep with the Aurora band in. I think for now I will just stick to curling my hair with curlers.


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