Roll on next week

I need to buy more make up oh and some make up storage would be great. Roll on pay day. I have dentist next Monday so might treat myself to some new make up. I am thinking of getting a colour correcting kit. Just a cheap one as its the first time using anything like it. I think Make up Revolution do one. I am loving that brand at the moment. Its cheap compared to most brands and pretty good.
I want to get the dentist over and done with, I chipped one of my back teeth nearly 2 weeks, and its now starting to make eating difficult. It hurts all the time. They can’t put a filling in it as its already had two, so all that’s left really is to take it out. Its a back tooth. Right at the back and getting to it to brush it is hard as I can’t get the tooth brush quite that far back. damn my small mouth.

My journey so far I don’t think is going well. Mainly because I just lack motivation to exercise. I downloaded the FitBit app on my phone. Hubby thought it would be a good idea as it might make me see how little I eat. Well it hasn’t really done that. Its made me more aware of how many calories I am having. For keeping at the same weight it allows just over 1300 calories for food. Now to me that’s not a lot at all. Going on that I have gone over by 14 calories. The app also counts your steps you’ve taken in the day and you can also add exercises you may have done.  It tells you how many calories you have burnt and gives you challenges you can do. I have only been using it 2 days so yet to try all its features. Seems like a pretty good app so far.


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