You are beautiful!!


Ok so my post about my lack of confidence and how I see myself was a hard one for me to write. Anyone who has or is battling a eating disorder will struggle to see themselves how others do. That being said though body issues aren’t always result in eating disorders.
Anyway I was in the car with my husband yesterday, we were listen to wave 105. (A radio station in the Hampshire and Dorset area) It was their evening golden hour, where you had to guess what year they were playing songs from. One song the played I hadn’t listened to in years. I used to listen to it on a bad. The other day was a bad day and I had completely forgot about this song. My mum in law expressed her concerns, she didn’t say she was worried in so many words but you could tell she was concerned that I might stop eating. The day before I had looked at an old photo of myself and just saw this person who in my eyes was fat. I couldn’t help but stare at how big my cheeks were. Anyway back on subject before I get down again. She told me about someone who she works with and what she got like with food. she didn’t want me going down that road.
Anyway listening to this song sometimes makes me feel better about myself. It could have a different meaning to everyone, To me it means that no matter how you look or how you see your self you are beautiful. It maybe hard to believe it some days but you need to try and look at the beauty inside yourself, because you are, you are beautiful. Forget all the negative comments you get. Try and forget all the negative things you see in yourself.


Remember when you have a bad day, listen to this song, or listen to one that makes you feel good.



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