Todays Buy

So treated myself a little today. Spent a grand total of around £8. Look at me pushing out the boat there haha. Ok so todays products are
Freedom pro correct palette
Makeup Revolution lipstick shade: The One
MUA Luxe velvet lip lacquer
makeupI’ve tried the lipstick and lip lacquer. Both smell quite nice. The lipstick is great if you want something that’s not in your face or pretty out there. I found that it doesn’t seem to stay on for very long at all. I love the colour and I love how it feels, can’t really complain for £1.
The lip lacquer, love the colour. The problem is within minutes of it being on my lips felt really dry and a little sore. it bleeds pretty badly as well and stains the skin around your lips.

I am going to try the colour correct palette tomorrow. I don’t really know what colour dose what so going to look that up and go from there.
I have an order on the way to superdrug so hoping to pick that up Monday, a few lipsticks and eyebrow stuff. I am tempted to order a colour correction palette and brush set I saw on amazon, may do later in the week.


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