Wow. Just wow

So yesterday I talked about my make up buys. Well I tired the lip lacquer again today but this time I put a bit of lip balm on first. It helped it to feel less dry which is a good thing, but wow I can’t believe how made the product is. Its a great colour. I love the colour but when you buy a make up product you don’t really want that product to bleed or go patchy. Within in minutes the product had started to bleed and with in about an hour the product had gone patchy. I did take a photo and was going to upload it here but it is so bad I just can’t. My hubby said that it made me look like a whore with facial herpes. That’s how bad it is. It’s a shame really because quite a few people rate MUA products. I’ve not actually tried many. In fact that was the first I had tried. Yeah not impressed. I am hoping not all their products are as bad as that.


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