Treating myself to……

A nice hot bubble bath. or at least it would have been if my boiler generated enough hot water for a decent bath. Think I had enough to just about cover my legs and to top that of I could hear the people below me having a piss. Nice way to ruin a relaxing bath. Could be worse. Could have been the husband coming into the bathroom for a shit.

This evening I did something I don’t often do. maybe once or twice a year. I used a facemask. I love the peeling ones. I just like the feeling of it when I peel it off my face. I used a honey one today. Won’t again just because I hate the smell of honey. The product it self it pretty good. It’s made my skin feel so soft and so clean and fresh. I think I am going to have to start doing it weekly. I know you are ideally meant to anyway. So hopefully by me doing this weekly my skin will be better. The facemask used was one that came in a pack of mask brought from Argos.


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