I love my boys, I love my Husband, I love my family

I plan on making Sunday posts, what Sundays I do posts on all about family. Family is a big thing for me. Without them I am nothing. Ok so yes being a mum to 3 boys, 3 very young boys is stressful, its hard, the two eldest fight everyday but then the all do something that melts my heart. My youngest is almost 4 months old and he has started laughing, it is amazing how ticklish he is. My eldest turned 3 today and seeing how caring he is is great. I love the fact that when my 2nd boy (turned 2 last week)is upset my eldest will go over to my 2 year old and say “it’s all right” and give him a cuddle. My boys do push my buttons and I do think why did I have them all so close together. Although not all were planned, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my boys. I love my husband. I love my family. It’s a little sad knowing we will never have more children but in truth I wouldn’t be able to cope with more, nor would my body. I have already been told not to have anymore as it will result in more hospital admissions due to pain and morning sickness.

I know they next few months are going to be hard, not that the last 2 years hasn’t. It has been a real struggle. The husband is re-joining the forces so he’ll be away training which will be hard on both me and my boys. I am so used to him coming home every night. The longest we have spent apart since we started dating nearly 10 years ago is about 3 or 4 weeks, but I had 2 jobs to keep me busy and I was not as stressed as I am now. I see this year being the turning point for us. The turning point for the better.

Without family we are nothing.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

One of my hobbies is photography. I love being able to get out (which doesn’t happen often) and try and capture that perfect photo, or at least a photo I am happy with. The last few years our winters have become mild and stormy. I haven’t seen a good amount of snow since my eldest was about 2 weeks old in 2013.
This photo I captured about a month ago maybe a little more, I added a HDR edit to make it a little more dramatic. waves2

This photo was taken on Hayling Island seafront at around 3 in the afternoon as the sun had started to set. There was a break in the cloud that aloud me to see a little sun but felt that it wasn’t worth taking a photo of as I would not have been happy with the results.

A little review

This blog post may not be to everybody’s taste but seeing though my blog is about trying to gain more confidence and apart of that is trying out different makes ups. I love the foundation I usually use, but decided that I’d try a new one. So I took a trip to Boots to see what they had. Its a small store so not much.
Anyway. I wanted to try something that would most people would be able to afford. I don’t like spending a load of money on just one product, So I found a foundation for £5.99. It’s from Collection. It’s there Illuminating Touch Foundation in Ivory.
I am not too impressed by this product. It smells like sun lotion, It doesn’t stay all day, or even most the day although I forgot to put primer on so this maybe the reason why. I didn’t like the texture of the foundation either. All that being said the shade was pretty good. My skin tone can be hard to find a good foundation shade for. This foundation in Ivory is pretty good, It blends nicely with my own skin tone. so much so that you can’t even tell I had any on. I do love a foundation where you can’t tell if you have any on. Overall I give this product 3 out 5 stars.

Practice makes perfect?

What do you think?
If you practice enough, would you become perfect at it? or at least become more talented in it.
When it comes to trying to become more confident in myself I think the term practice makes perfect is just that. Practicing your confidence will (hopefully) eventually make you more confident.
What makes you feel more confident?
Sometimes when my soon to be 3 year old says “cutes” as I walk in the room after having done my make up and gotten dressed gives me a little confidence boosts. He knows what looks good and will say cutes if he likes it. On the other hand he says he quite a bit, so I often wonder if he says it because he can see it helps me or just because its something to say.
When I’ve done my make up for the day I try to look at the best parts. I feel silly after trying to do contouring. Its actually pretty hard to get right. So I usually just do the cheeks. I’ve recently switched the type of eye liner I use. I always used to use pencil, but now I use felt. I have found the lines you get are so much neater, look better and stay on longer. I am practicing the flick you usually see at the edge of the eyes. I can usually get one nice flick and then the other just ends up looks messing. To me practice makes perfect is the perfect line to use.
When you do think its the perfect time to use the line “practice makes perfect”?

The perfect get away

We all like something that just makes us feel like we just get away. Get away from all the problems in our lives, Get away from all our the things that put us down
A few days ago I read a blog and got lost in the photos uploaded in that blog. I love a good photo, and do enjoy photography myself, although i’m better at doing portraits then taking photos of objects. The photos on this blog were amazing. Just looking at them I felt I had gone to a completely different place, all my worries melted away and nothing really mattered anymore. I really do recommend this blog. Check out the blog here

Todays buy

I tried so very hard not to buy anymore eye shadow. I really don’t need anymore, but I saw more that I wanted to get so I opted for a blusher and a few lippy products. All MUA and Makeup Revolution. I can’t wait to try them out.
makeup buy.jpgThe blusher and middle lippy is Make up Revolution. I love their products. They are so cheap and pretty good quality. I had a quick try of the lip products. The middle one seemed to go on patchy but I think that’s more because I had just wiped my mouth with a baby wipe. The colour is good though. The lipstick which is by MUA. feels really nice on, goes on nicely and leaves a nice shimmer. The other lip product, also by MUA, seems messy, you would need to use an anti-bleed pencil. I got one of those in Superdrugs for £1. I think that was an MUA product as well. I’m yet to give these products a good test yet. Today was just seeing how they went on and how they felt. My favourite just by that is the MUA lipstick. £1 and great for the price. It dose seem like it is one that you would have to re-apply in the day but for £1 you can’t argue with that.
The blusher goes on nicely, you don’t need a lot which great. I do how ever need to get a better picture of it as you can’t quite tell the colour and what the product looks like.
So yea todays post all about make up products brought today. Would you believe all that was under £10.

A little help from my husband.

Yesterday was Valentines day. The most romantic day of the year, or at least its meant to be. usually when you don’t have kids haha. For Valentines day my husband got me a make up manual and a storage box to put my make up in. He also uncluttered the kitchen and moved some things around so our kitchen looked bigger. He is really trying to help with my journey on trying to be more confident.
At the moment I am struggling, not so much with my body image for a change, but with eating. If you have read previous posts you would have read that I had a tooth out last week. At first the struggling to eat was because it hurt to eat anything, now it doesn’t so much yet I can barely manage the same size portions as my boys. they are 1 and 2. I actually felt sick after eating just 5 chips and 2 fishcakes. This was not on my plan to better myself. I love my food but at the moment I just can’t bring myself to be interested in it. I am hoping this is just a side effect of having the tooth pulled out and in a few days i’ll be back to eating normally again.

Valentines Day

With valentines day only a few days away I finally managed to get round to putting my husbands present together.
sam.jpgIts full of the things he likes with the added bonus of a book he doesn’t have.

Usually I just get him something cheap as we usually have a take away and a movie night, this year I felt like doing a bit more then just buying something.

Only a short post today as I haven’t been able to wear my make-up as my face is still tender from having my tooth taken out.

Never again

Never again do I want a tooth taken out. My mouth feels swollen, my head hurts and I can’t get warm on the plus side I don’t feel sick anymore. Feeling like and trying to look after 3 little ones really is not easy, I am just glad my husband was home to help. He sent me to bed as soon as we got back despite not feeling well himself.
I currently have my youngest looking at me smiling and cooing. All that just makes you feel a little better even if he should be asleep.
When you are trying to make your self better in your self and gain more confidence the last thing you want to do when you’ve had a tooth pulled is put make up on. The slightest tough hurts. I’ve barely eating anything to, just a pancake. Having eating so little is more then likely why I feel ill. The last time I barely ate anything for a few days I ended up losing 12lbs. Now I don’t want to lose that much around 5 or 6 would be nice so its a case of having to force myself to eat something even if it is just a soup.
I am a bit worried about tomorrow as I have heard the pain is worse on day 2. I makes me think about my husbands cousin who is still waiting for her tooth to be pulled out. She’s been waiting awhile. She is also currently pregnant and not having a easy pregnancy.

Is media putting pressure on us?

I think this is one of those questions that get asked daily. You may not ask it daily but I am sure everyday there is at least one person some where who asks this question.
I do think media puts pressure on us. Lets face it you can’t look in a magazine without seeing some stick thin model, you can’t walk down the high street without seeing a skinny manikin in the window. I kid you not, last week walking past H&M the manikins in their window were stick think. I could have fitted my hands around their thighs and I have small hands. I have issues with my body and all I could think when I looked at the manikins in their window was how disgustingly thin they looked. On the subjects of manikins I know their are some stores (not H&M) that do have normal size manikins and by normal I mean manikins with shape. There are not many stores with them but there are a few. Most stores still do the size 8 models but it would be nice to see more stores using normal curvy manikins.
This is hard for me to say as I find it hard to see my body like, I don’t like seeing love handles and a belly. I have had 3 babies in 3 years so I am slowing learning to accept my body and with a little bit of toning there is no reason to why I can’t have the body I want and still be healthy. Any Ladies we are meant to have curves. Men love them. They love having something to hold on to. My husband is always on about how he loves how my body is now because I have shape. He knows how I feel about my body and he knows him saying that helps me to have a little more confidence. Getting more confidence is all part of my journey to becoming a yummy mummy.
Ok so me the definition of a yummy mummy is a mum who is confident in herself and shows, she is someone who dresses nicely but still comfortable. She wears make-up for her not anyone else.

Kinda gone of subject. Dose media put pressure on us too look a certain way. I think it dose. Valentines day there is pressure on us to look sexy for our partner. The summer there is pressure on us to get that summer body.
One advert on TV last year asked are you beach body ready. Now that to me screams putting pressure on us to look good.
As the weather gets colder is about the only time where there is not so much pressure on us.
Remember when ever you feel down about your self take a good look at your self and find the good in yourself. Nothing bad only the good.
When I look at myself when I have moments like that I see my eyes and how I like the green in them. I see my curvy waist and hips and how my husband loves them. I see my slim(ish) legs and how they look good in a pair of heels.