Growing Collection

edit.jpgGot some more make up to add to the growing collection I have, I really need to invest in some make up storage. Next thing on my list I think.

The W7 was half price so snapped that up as heard they are pretty good. I have been trying to find a deep purple burgundy colour that MAC does, can’t remember the name of the red, but don’t want to pay that sort of money on one lipstick. So picked up the lipstick in the photo today, it’s by make up revolution and the shade is 100% vamp. I don’t think its quite the shade I am after but its still a good colour and for £1 i’m not complaining. The other eye shadow pallet is another make up revolution product.  £4 reduced from £6. I now have 6 eye shadow pallets just from that brand, and there are more I want to get.
Ok so we also have foundation as felt I need to try other foundations as well, eye primer in hope that it will stop my eye shadow from creasing and looking messy after half a day, and a little something to clean my brushes with. At the moment I can not be bothered to do that, but it really dose need doing.


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