Who am i and why i’m here

So I have been blogging a little over a month now, so here is a re-cap of who I am and why I am blogging.

I am Steph, i’m 27 and mum to 3 boys. 2 (3 on the 28th), 1 (2 on the 21st) and 14 weeks. I chose to blog as I felt there were a lot of mums out there like me. Don’t really have time for their self. Feels like a bit of a plan Jane and wants to look and feel better. I felt that if I could do it anyone can. I wanted to look better for my husband and I wanted to feel better in myself. I wanted to gain the confidence that I so badly needed and still need. So I decided that I would write about my journey from a plan Jane to a some what yummy mummy. I would never have the confidence to call myself a yummy mummy so a some what yummy mummy will do.

In my blog I will write about:

  • Make up products I use
  • What I think about them
  • Make up tips I come across
  • Beauty tips I have heard about
  • Occasionally life on being a mummy
  • Eventually outfits (when I am a bit more confident)

By writing this blog I am hoping to reach people like myself, whether it’s people with body image issues, people who consider themselves plan Janes’ wanting to better themselves or somewhere in between.

I am hoping by doing this blog I will only make myself feel and look better but help others do it alone the way. If I can help just one person and help gain self confidence then I would have accomplished what I set out to do.





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