Never again

Never again do I want a tooth taken out. My mouth feels swollen, my head hurts and I can’t get warm on the plus side I don’t feel sick anymore. Feeling like and trying to look after 3 little ones really is not easy, I am just glad my husband was home to help. He sent me to bed as soon as we got back despite not feeling well himself.
I currently have my youngest looking at me smiling and cooing. All that just makes you feel a little better even if he should be asleep.
When you are trying to make your self better in your self and gain more confidence the last thing you want to do when you’ve had a tooth pulled is put make up on. The slightest tough hurts. I’ve barely eating anything to, just a pancake. Having eating so little is more then likely why I feel ill. The last time I barely ate anything for a few days I ended up losing 12lbs. Now I don’t want to lose that much around 5 or 6 would be nice so its a case of having to force myself to eat something even if it is just a soup.
I am a bit worried about tomorrow as I have heard the pain is worse on day 2. I makes me think about my husbands cousin who is still waiting for her tooth to be pulled out. She’s been waiting awhile. She is also currently pregnant and not having a easy pregnancy.


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