A little help from my husband.

Yesterday was Valentines day. The most romantic day of the year, or at least its meant to be. usually when you don’t have kids haha. For Valentines day my husband got me a make up manual and a storage box to put my make up in. He also uncluttered the kitchen and moved some things around so our kitchen looked bigger. He is really trying to help with my journey on trying to be more confident.
At the moment I am struggling, not so much with my body image for a change, but with eating. If you have read previous posts you would have read that I had a tooth out last week. At first the struggling to eat was because it hurt to eat anything, now it doesn’t so much yet I can barely manage the same size portions as my boys. they are 1 and 2. I actually felt sick after eating just 5 chips and 2 fishcakes. This was not on my plan to better myself. I love my food but at the moment I just can’t bring myself to be interested in it. I am hoping this is just a side effect of having the tooth pulled out and in a few days i’ll be back to eating normally again.


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