Todays buy

I tried so very hard not to buy anymore eye shadow. I really don’t need anymore, but I saw more that I wanted to get so I opted for a blusher and a few lippy products. All MUA and Makeup Revolution. I can’t wait to try them out.
makeup buy.jpgThe blusher and middle lippy is Make up Revolution. I love their products. They are so cheap and pretty good quality. I had a quick try of the lip products. The middle one seemed to go on patchy but I think that’s more because I had just wiped my mouth with a baby wipe. The colour is good though. The lipstick which is by MUA. feels really nice on, goes on nicely and leaves a nice shimmer. The other lip product, also by MUA, seems messy, you would need to use an anti-bleed pencil. I got one of those in Superdrugs for £1. I think that was an MUA product as well. I’m yet to give these products a good test yet. Today was just seeing how they went on and how they felt. My favourite just by that is the MUA lipstick. £1 and great for the price. It dose seem like it is one that you would have to re-apply in the day but for £1 you can’t argue with that.
The blusher goes on nicely, you don’t need a lot which great. I do how ever need to get a better picture of it as you can’t quite tell the colour and what the product looks like.
So yea todays post all about make up products brought today. Would you believe all that was under £10.


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