Practice makes perfect?

What do you think?
If you practice enough, would you become perfect at it? or at least become more talented in it.
When it comes to trying to become more confident in myself I think the term practice makes perfect is just that. Practicing your confidence will (hopefully) eventually make you more confident.
What makes you feel more confident?
Sometimes when my soon to be 3 year old says “cutes” as I walk in the room after having done my make up and gotten dressed gives me a little confidence boosts. He knows what looks good and will say cutes if he likes it. On the other hand he says he quite a bit, so I often wonder if he says it because he can see it helps me or just because its something to say.
When I’ve done my make up for the day I try to look at the best parts. I feel silly after trying to do contouring. Its actually pretty hard to get right. So I usually just do the cheeks. I’ve recently switched the type of eye liner I use. I always used to use pencil, but now I use felt. I have found the lines you get are so much neater, look better and stay on longer. I am practicing the flick you usually see at the edge of the eyes. I can usually get one nice flick and then the other just ends up looks messing. To me practice makes perfect is the perfect line to use.
When you do think its the perfect time to use the line “practice makes perfect”?


3 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect?

  1. Great read! Made me think….;) I have struggled with when to say this to my kids, actually…I have one vocalist and one who plays guitar, drums, bass, and also sings….I rarely have to remind either of them to practice because they love what they do. What they need to “practice” is usually one of their school subjects! LOL….


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