A little review

This blog post may not be to everybody’s taste but seeing though my blog is about trying to gain more confidence and apart of that is trying out different makes ups. I love the foundation I usually use, but decided that I’d try a new one. So I took a trip to Boots to see what they had. Its a small store so not much.
Anyway. I wanted to try something that would most people would be able to afford. I don’t like spending a load of money on just one product, So I found a foundation for £5.99. It’s from Collection. It’s there Illuminating Touch Foundation in Ivory.
I am not too impressed by this product. It smells like sun lotion, It doesn’t stay all day, or even most the day although I forgot to put primer on so this maybe the reason why. I didn’t like the texture of the foundation either. All that being said the shade was pretty good. My skin tone can be hard to find a good foundation shade for. This foundation in Ivory is pretty good, It blends nicely with my own skin tone. so much so that you can’t even tell I had any on. I do love a foundation where you can’t tell if you have any on. Overall I give this product 3 out 5 stars.


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