Make up of the day

I haven’t done one in awhile, so thought I probably should do one today. At the moment I don’t like uploading unedited photos of myself. I feel I can hide a bit with edited ones. I don’t do any touch ups just change the exposure a little and add a hazelnut filter. I use the Fhotoroom app to edit my photos.

I really need to sort out my eyebrows, and I can never seem to get my eyeliner to look the same.
Anyway on my face today

  • Foundation is Ivory and it’s one from Avon. I like this one because you can’t really tell that you are wearing any. The coverage it ok too. It cost around £7.
  • Eyeliner is  felt eyeliner. At the moment I LOVE these. They go on so nicely and looks so much nicer then pencil. This one is an Essence one.Available at Wilko (Wilkinson) for around £2.50 I think it was.
  • Eye shadow is from one of many Make Up Revolution eye shadow pallets I have. I have gone for 3 different shades of peach, two mattes and one shimmer. Their pallets are from £4. This one was £6 I think.
  • Lipstick is another Make up Revolution product. I’m quite liking nudes and purples are the moment and for £1 it’s worth giving it a good. Feels great on but doesn’t have a lot of staying power.
  • Blusher is I believe yet more Make up revaluation. Think I over did it here though.

    Talking about the products is easy. I like to share what I think about products, I also like hear what others think about them. It’s the uploading of photos of myself that I find is the hard bit.


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