Weekly photo challenge: Harmony


I took this on mother’s day (UK mother’s day). I was sat on a large rock cliff edge sort of thing. To big to be a rock but to small to be a cliff. The sea was out, when it’s in it usually comes up right over the concrete. A train use to travel along this. The metal bit in the middle use to turn part of the bridge to allow boats through when a train was not crossing.
I love coming here. listening to the birds overhead, sometimes you can hear the waves hit the rocks further along the harbour. The traffic travel along the bridge around 400 years away spoils it a little but block that out and it’s my perfect harmony.


2 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Harmony

  1. I can see why you like this place – it looks like a quiet spot to relax and reflect. Sounds like many people have come and passed by this place at some point. Now it is like a secret hideaway spot to whoever chances upon it 😀


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