Did it again

I honestly felt like the doctor I saw yesterday was of no help, she didn’t listen. So I came away no better off, feeling like I am wasting time. When I told my husband he said that they have a care of duty and when it comes to mental health it has to be taken seriously. He told me to phone for another doctors appointment.
I know I have repeated parts of yesterdays post but if I hadn’t would todays make any sense?
So I rang up the doctors this morning and asked to get an appointment with my own doctor, It means having to wait over a week to see him but that just goes to show how good of a doctor he is. My husband has booked the morning off work to watch the boys while I go. Hopefully I can get an answer to why I am feeling like this because it can’t be normal to feel this low about my body and to hate my body so much.

On the brighter side I posted a photo I took the other day on my local facebook group page and have been pretty much invited to join a camera club. when I say pretty much. He asked if I had thought about joining the camera club and then gave me a link to their website. So pretty much an invite. Which did make my day.


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