Family time

I have had a few good days this week where I actually felt pretty good. Not so much with how I look but just in general. I uploaded a few photos to a facebook page and got some really good fed back and it made me feel great.
I have also had some stressful times this week, where my boys have tested my patience. More so the last few days. That being said we have had a pretty good weekend.

Yesterday we tidy the living room together and then did some drawing, which the boys seemed to enjoy. They then got bored and started playing with their toys, so I packed up the drawing things and watched them play. It was nice seeing them playing together with no fighting. The afternoon was stressful. My eldest decided that he was just going to cry at everything.

Today we had a relaxing morning. After lunch we went into the communal garden ( we live in a flat) and played with the new balls I had brought the boys Thursday. We then went for a little walk along the sea front which was great. I got some nice/ok photos while the boys and my husband played with the stones and the little bit of sand that was one the beach.
My 2nd born has been the naughty one today. Shortly after getting he decided that he was going to take what my eldest was playing with and then push him off the sofa. He also decided he wanted to play with his dinner rather then eat it. 3 under 3 is really hard work.
Although dose it count as being 3 under 3 when the eldest has not long turned 3? 3 2 and 4 and a half months. Is that 3 under 3? Either way it can be tough.


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