Weekly photo challenge: One Love

Usually I would do this on a Wednesday but as i’m am not sure if I will be online tomorrow I thought I would post today. After this photo challenge I will be doing them on a Saturday.

This week’s photo challenge is one love. I knew exactly what or should I say my one love is, but trying to get a photo of him that I was happy with has proven my most challenging yet. One love has a different meaning to everyone. For some one love could an object. Maybe it’s something they seek comfort in. Others it could be a person.
My one love is my husband, a pain in the bum but he is someone I could not do without. He keeps me going when I have my bad days. He knows just the words to say to make be laugh.

It’s not the best of photos, I would have preferred a better one but he’s not all that photogenic. This was taken shortly after my 2nd son was born, I think around 3 months.



This is one of my favourite photos of us, it’s a day i’ll never forget. Although times I wish I didn’t go for the first dress I tried on but it was the dress I pictured when he popped the question.


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