Going out of my comfort zone

For awhile I have wanted to do something to help improve my photography. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before about going to a camera club in my local area. Being the youngest one there I felt out of place, but seeing all them amazing photos was inspiring. It got me thinking about my own work and how much I really need to improve, but to even start to improve I need to be confident in myself, which is hard when I have none to begin with but hopefully come the 22nd that will start to change.
Anyway Wednesday I went to the camera club group again as they were doing a skills sessions. One guy seemed really it’s all about the DSLR. Which didn’t help me to build up any confidence in even starting to take photos that night. Anyway there was another photographer there who was great. He was more about it doesn’t matter the camera, its all down to lighten on how well a photo comes out. The settings on your camera make a difference as well. He was interested by mine, as it was a bridge camera and he hadn’t come across many. I think he quite enjoyed checking out the settings and what my camera can do.
I managed to take a few photos but there was only one or two I was happy with. I also got asked to do a bit of modelling as one of the girls there needed more people to take photos of. I was told that I was very photogenic and my skin and eye lashes were great. This helped with my confidence a little bit. Although still find it hard to believe. I think my skin is awful, big pores prone to spots and blackhead and can be a little oily.
I’ve started using a new face scrub. You use once or twice a week. I use it twice a week. I am going to use this for a weeks and then let you know what the product is and what I think of it. I have also started using micellar cleansing water rather then wipes and then using toner after. Again I will review these in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see if it makes much difference in my skin at all. I should be moisturising as well but I am really bad for remembering to do that.


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