It’s Sunday!

Ok so yesterday was meant to be my first Saturday of posting my weekly photo challenge. I will be posting it after this post. Sorry its late. I ended up cuddling on the sofa with hubby and watched a film.
So if you are a regular to my blog you’ll know sundays are my family posts. This week saw an¬†improvement in my eldest speech. Two sentences with more then 2 words. Today he tried beef spat it out and said “I don’t like it”. This might mean nothing to most. He’s 3 (just turned) and is behind with his speech and learning understanding. So to me this just shows how far he has come the last few weeks. For the first time in months he was actually excited to have a bath and we had no tears while I washed his hair. He’s figured he can cover his face to stop the water going into his eyes.
My second born his teething his final two teeth. he has been pretty grump the last week, I’ve put this down to the teething. He’s also started to want to walk more when we are out and about, not good when all the eldest wants to do is play fight and chase him.
Youngest has started showing an interest in food. He’s 4 and a half months. I am quite hesitant about giving him food before 6 months, but I think i’m not going to have a choice when he’s trying to take the food off us or watching every bite we eat.
I went over my mum in laws today as hubby and his dad went airsofting. Its a massive hobby of his and he is currently trying to get a team sorted. He has one but some of the members just don’t seem as into it as they should be for a team.


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