Mixed bag

At the moment I kinda feel sad and upset. Hubby phoned me when he had finished work, he said that he was going to cook me dinner and we’d watch a film together. He did cook me dinner and it was lovely. He put the film on and promised he would not fall asleep. Well he did!! its not like he did a full day at work today. He had an extra 2 hours sleep then he would normally on a work day. Its made me feel that he doesn’t care enough to stay awake long enough to watch a film with me. I’ve been in the bedroom 2o minutes and he hasn’t even called out to me. All that makes me sound like a bitch, but we don’t do a lot together, so I was looking forward to actually doing something together.
Anyway went back to the doctors today. This time seeing my own doctor. He asked me a few questions, weighed and measured me. Showed me what my BMI is and gave me the number for a therapist. He said there isn’t anything else he can do, and if in 3 months time I still feel like this then i’d have to go on antidepressants. Which I really don’t want. I phoned the therapist and have an appointment on the 5th. I have pretty much also been diagnosed with depression and BDD.  I am glad I was actually being listen to but not sure how I feel about having to see a therapist.


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