Sunday post

If you read my blog often you will know sundays are my family posts.
Our eldest is showing improvement in his speech pretty much every week. Our 2nd born shows us everyday just how clever he is. I look at him and you are so going to be the brain box of the family. There are quite a few moments where he’ll try and have a full blown conversation with you but you can’t really understand what it is he is saying, But he’s two so that’s going to happen.
Our youngest is a chatter box, He coos at lot, he even laughed to himself yesterday. I love listening to him when he is in his chatter box mode. He is such a happy baby. I love it.
On Friday my mum in law took me, my boys and my brother in laws girlfriend to a farm trail. Which was really nice. We there a good 3 4 hours.
Yesterday we took the boys to Portsmouth and got them some clothes. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore make up, but ended up buying 2 foundations and a contour palette. It was on 3 for 2 and I really needed to get more foundation.
This week hasn’t been as stressful as some weeks. I have been stressed, upset, depressed and constantly worried about something or other, but with everything going on at the moment it’s hard not to feel the way I do.
It’s coming up to the 2nd year anniversary¬†of my dad’s death. I’ll talk more about it on the day. hopefully.
Today we went over to my mum in laws, The boys played in the garden while their granddad built another fence around their pond to stop their puppy from getting in there. The one they had up the puppy managed to find a way to get round it and ended up head first into the pond.
We haven’t really done much else this week. I keep asking hubby when we can start packing. Where hubby is re-joining the forces I just want to start packing ready for when we move.


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