It’s just up down up down

It’s been tuff the last few months. depression has been pretty bad at times, my anxiety has been awful. it was so bad a week ago that the effects from it lasted 4 days. My eldest had come down with a temperature and when it was still going up after capol I took him to the doctors where it was going up still. Got him to my mum in laws, his temp was 39.7 his breathing become deeper and it looked like he was struggling, he started  having a small seizure, Paramedics were called out to him, the fact that they were pretty good looking helped my anxiety a little. By the time they left his temp had gone down to 38.6. it took 4 days for his temperature to stay at a normal level, that and the combination of capol, ibuprofen  and antibiotics to get his temp to come down.
My husband is working away at the moment so it hasn’t been helping things. He has a new job, which means we move around every few years and we finally after 4 5 weeks move with him in about 2 weeks. I am hoping this move will see the start of better things for our family. better things for my state of mind, maybe even less headaches would be nice as the moment I have a pretty bad one and quite a painful chest.