It’s been awhile

It’s been a while since my last post. Mainly because I guess I felt people would get bored of reading the same sort of thing. Can’t exactly be nice reading the same thing from the same person all the time.
Anyway, We have now moved to a totally different area, so now 4 hours drive from family. Our youngest has cut his first 2 teeth and is teething 4 top teeth. He has mastered the stairs and very quickly. He can stand on his own for a while and a few times has taken one or two steps.
My eldest is loving his new nursery, he’s come such a long way since starting there. Our second born is very eager to start.
I have met a few lovely ladies here. A few weeks ago we went to a ladies night which was a lot of fun.
Now down to the boring stuff haha.
My depression as worsened mainly because of health issues. If you don’t like female TMI then might be best to stop reading now.
Since January I have been getting bleeding in between my cycles. I went to the doctor in June who said it was just hormones come back in a few months. Since moved so August I went to my new doctor who straight away ordered tests, They came back no infection which I guess is a good thing, but…when the nurse who took the swabs did them she saw lumps. So the doctor referred me to hospital. Seconds after walking through the door after coming back from the doctors one of my appointments had come through. They phoned me up to tell me. After a week I went to ask patient information about my other appointment to be told that it could be another 4 to 6 weeks till I get it and that’s on a urgent. Walked through my front theres a letter for my scan. For these appointments to come through in a week has scared me. I have my scan tomorrow and my next appointment next week. I have been told it doesn’t look like anything to worry about, but they are meant to say that right?
Why would they rush it if its nothing to worry about?


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