Better late then never: Product review

I was meant to have done this a few days ago. For a few weeks I have been using products that I had not used before. Some just because they were on offer and I thought i’d give it a go and others because I had heard good thing about them. review.jpg

These are the products I have been using.
The charcoal face scrub I had to stop using after a few tries. You use once or twice a week. I found that yea my skin did feel nice after for a very small period of time, then it just started to feel irritated. It made my cheeks go a little red and blotchy. It was only £1 in Savers, so it wasn’t really much money wasted there.
The Garnier micellar cleansing water I quite like. They sell the bottle in 2 sizes. This one is the small of the 2 and I picked it for £1 in poundworld. After using this my skin felt so much fresher. It dose a good job of taken off your make up. I use it twice a day. once in the morning to get rid of any excess oils on my face. (I tend to have oily skin) and once in the evening to rid of any make up that my skin hasn’t soaked up over the course of the day.
And lastly Garnier refreshing toner. I’m exactly sure on the whole purpose on facial toner but one thing I have noticed since using the product is that my pores don’t seem so large, which in my book is a win win. Again after using it my skin felt great and felt like it had been cleansed. I have also found that it helps with taking of any makeup that the cleanser did not.
So my ratings:
Charcoal face scrub – 2/5
Good price, but irritated my skin.

Garnier micellar water: 5/5
Struggled to find something bad about the product. Can be found at a really good price. Loved how it made my skin feel

Garnier refreshing toner: 5/5
Price wise its pretty good, you expect to pay that much for a branded product sometimes more. If I recall rightly I paid around £3.50. Although I had actually used some of my Boots points to pay for it. Again loved the way my skin felt after I had used it and love love love the fact my pores don’t seem as large as they once did.


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