Product review time

It’s been a while since I have done one of these.
I did say I would do one at the end of last month, *slaps hand for not doing it*
Ok so my first product I am reviewing is the Fortune favours the brave by makeup revolution
I was so excited when I got my hands on this. I had heard such good reviews on it. The colours are great. I love them. There are a few colours that I do really like but sadly being paled skinned don’t show up well, but work well as a light highlight. The colours are well pigmented and providing you use an eye primer stay on quite well too. You can buy this product for £9.99 it’s one of their dearer products but the fact that it comes with a fab brush makes it so worth it. 7/10

2nd product is again makeup revolution. Like angels eyes
This product I love love love. I love the colours. I love how well they blend and how long they stay on. This product I really do recommend. If you like to experiment with colours shades then this is so for you and for £8 you’d be crazy not to try it. I found using a good eye shadow brush gives you better blending. 9/10

3rd and final one is from Avon, It’s the Clearskin Blemish clearing 3-in-1 cleanser scrub and mask. I was really blown away by this product. I have tried so many different skin products. Something to make my skin actually feel good and look better then it has done in years. This product dose that. I know I say I love a product at lot, but this one wow I am struggling to fault it. From the first use I noticed a difference. My skin feels so much softer it’s less oily in my oil prone spots and less dry is my dry prone spots. it’s currently £5 and sometimes appears on an offer.
Not saying any of that to boost my sales, saying because it is honestly 100% a great product. I give this product 10/10
You can check out the product on my site at



I don’t know why I feel so sad about it, I had a feeling I wouldn’t do well or as well as I would have liked. I would have liked to at least cover the cost for the products I needed but I have barely done that. I had someone want 5 order forms from me. was meant to pick them up today and have heard nothing from her. I’ve been to her house twice and have messaged her. I feel so let down. It’s hard to decide whether I should carry on, I guess I shouldn’t let just one person mess it up for the small number of customers that have ordered.
I have recently started working for Avon. I know its hard work running your own business, the last few days I have really lack energy and I think this is partly why I feel so down today.

Product review

I haven’t done one in a little while so thought I would do one tonight.
Tonight I am going to review Make up Revolution oil control fixing spray.
I was always under the impression that a fixing spray was meant to help keep your make up in place for longer. I am still pretty new to the whole make up scene so please bare with me and let me know if I get anything wrong.
So I’ve tried this spray a few times now at £5 a bottle I thought I was a fair to pay. My skin can get a little oily from time to time and quite a few people had been talking about fixing spray so thought I’d give it a go. As far as oil control goes it seems ok, as far as keeping your make up in place. Not so much. I found my make up actually went faster with the spray on then without. Now i’m not sure if this is because I applied a primer to my face before all my make up and fixing spray or not but I would have thought that shouldn’t have mattered. I have put in a link to the product. They say at one point that is uses “High Tech ingredients keep foundation and eye makeup in place, with NO smudging and NO fading. That ‘Just-Applied’ look for up to 12 hours”
So yea up to 12 hours, pretty much a days work for most. But what stands out most to me is the “with NO smudging and NO fading
They must be pretty confident in the product to say that. I must admit it did a good job on my eye shadow, the colour stayed all day. I still got that little bit where it clumps a little in the crease of your eyes but the colour stayed. My foundation how ever faded. By the time I went to take it off barely anything was left on my face.
The bottle it self is a nice simple design. I like the gold touch they have put on the bottle and I can’t stand the colour gold. I think where the gold has a bit of a shine to it, it adds a bit of elegance to it. Overall I rate the product 3 stars.


Edit – link is under the words make up revolution


I will find it

A while ago on a make-up facebook group I am in I saw someone had posted a beautiful eye shadow colour. I believe it was by make up geek and the shade was cherry cola. I think. don’t count me on that though.
I have been hunting high and low for a cheaper alternative to it. Same shade of course. I haven’t found it yet. However I did read that Maybelline colour tattoo did a shade close to it. So I went looking for that. I knew quite a few stores did the product but surprisingly only one did the shade I was after. I got it anyway and it’s not quite the shade I would have like. I was hoping for it to be a bit darker. it goes on great. not sure how long it last as only just put it on, but it give it a better test tomorrow.


Going out of my comfort zone

For awhile I have wanted to do something to help improve my photography. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before about going to a camera club in my local area. Being the youngest one there I felt out of place, but seeing all them amazing photos was inspiring. It got me thinking about my own work and how much I really need to improve, but to even start to improve I need to be confident in myself, which is hard when I have none to begin with but hopefully come the 22nd that will start to change.
Anyway Wednesday I went to the camera club group again as they were doing a skills sessions. One guy seemed really it’s all about the DSLR. Which didn’t help me to build up any confidence in even starting to take photos that night. Anyway there was another photographer there who was great. He was more about it doesn’t matter the camera, its all down to lighten on how well a photo comes out. The settings on your camera make a difference as well. He was interested by mine, as it was a bridge camera and he hadn’t come across many. I think he quite enjoyed checking out the settings and what my camera can do.
I managed to take a few photos but there was only one or two I was happy with. I also got asked to do a bit of modelling as one of the girls there needed more people to take photos of. I was told that I was very photogenic and my skin and eye lashes were great. This helped with my confidence a little bit. Although still find it hard to believe. I think my skin is awful, big pores prone to spots and blackhead and can be a little oily.
I’ve started using a new face scrub. You use once or twice a week. I use it twice a week. I am going to use this for a weeks and then let you know what the product is and what I think of it. I have also started using micellar cleansing water rather then wipes and then using toner after. Again I will review these in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see if it makes much difference in my skin at all. I should be moisturising as well but I am really bad for remembering to do that.

Make up of the day

I haven’t done one in awhile, so thought I probably should do one today. At the moment I don’t like uploading unedited photos of myself. I feel I can hide a bit with edited ones. I don’t do any touch ups just change the exposure a little and add a hazelnut filter. I use the Fhotoroom app to edit my photos.

I really need to sort out my eyebrows, and I can never seem to get my eyeliner to look the same.
Anyway on my face today

  • Foundation is Ivory and it’s one from Avon. I like this one because you can’t really tell that you are wearing any. The coverage it ok too. It cost around £7.
  • Eyeliner is  felt eyeliner. At the moment I LOVE these. They go on so nicely and looks so much nicer then pencil. This one is an Essence one.Available at Wilko (Wilkinson) for around £2.50 I think it was.
  • Eye shadow is from one of many Make Up Revolution eye shadow pallets I have. I have gone for 3 different shades of peach, two mattes and one shimmer. Their pallets are from £4. This one was £6 I think.
  • Lipstick is another Make up Revolution product. I’m quite liking nudes and purples are the moment and for £1 it’s worth giving it a good. Feels great on but doesn’t have a lot of staying power.
  • Blusher is I believe yet more Make up revaluation. Think I over did it here though.

    Talking about the products is easy. I like to share what I think about products, I also like hear what others think about them. It’s the uploading of photos of myself that I find is the hard bit.

Practice makes perfect?

What do you think?
If you practice enough, would you become perfect at it? or at least become more talented in it.
When it comes to trying to become more confident in myself I think the term practice makes perfect is just that. Practicing your confidence will (hopefully) eventually make you more confident.
What makes you feel more confident?
Sometimes when my soon to be 3 year old says “cutes” as I walk in the room after having done my make up and gotten dressed gives me a little confidence boosts. He knows what looks good and will say cutes if he likes it. On the other hand he says he quite a bit, so I often wonder if he says it because he can see it helps me or just because its something to say.
When I’ve done my make up for the day I try to look at the best parts. I feel silly after trying to do contouring. Its actually pretty hard to get right. So I usually just do the cheeks. I’ve recently switched the type of eye liner I use. I always used to use pencil, but now I use felt. I have found the lines you get are so much neater, look better and stay on longer. I am practicing the flick you usually see at the edge of the eyes. I can usually get one nice flick and then the other just ends up looks messing. To me practice makes perfect is the perfect line to use.
When you do think its the perfect time to use the line “practice makes perfect”?

Todays buy

I tried so very hard not to buy anymore eye shadow. I really don’t need anymore, but I saw more that I wanted to get so I opted for a blusher and a few lippy products. All MUA and Makeup Revolution. I can’t wait to try them out.
makeup buy.jpgThe blusher and middle lippy is Make up Revolution. I love their products. They are so cheap and pretty good quality. I had a quick try of the lip products. The middle one seemed to go on patchy but I think that’s more because I had just wiped my mouth with a baby wipe. The colour is good though. The lipstick which is by MUA. feels really nice on, goes on nicely and leaves a nice shimmer. The other lip product, also by MUA, seems messy, you would need to use an anti-bleed pencil. I got one of those in Superdrugs for £1. I think that was an MUA product as well. I’m yet to give these products a good test yet. Today was just seeing how they went on and how they felt. My favourite just by that is the MUA lipstick. £1 and great for the price. It dose seem like it is one that you would have to re-apply in the day but for £1 you can’t argue with that.
The blusher goes on nicely, you don’t need a lot which great. I do how ever need to get a better picture of it as you can’t quite tell the colour and what the product looks like.
So yea todays post all about make up products brought today. Would you believe all that was under £10.


I brought an eye shadow palette a few weeks ago and finally got it today. I then decided to count how many I have. I have 11.
I have brought 11 since December, and that’s not including the one I have one the way. I just can’t help myself. I think I need to move on to lipsticks now. I think I have around 5. mostly purples. I also have 2 more coming that are meant to be dupes for MAC. From what I get MAC are a high end brand. Well they must be to charge £15 for one lipstick. The colours do look amazing though. Quite a few people rate MAC so I am hoping the ones I have brought are as good as they say they are. My sister in law has tried them and said they are good. Apparently they say on all day. Which is always a bonus.

Growing Collection

edit.jpgGot some more make up to add to the growing collection I have, I really need to invest in some make up storage. Next thing on my list I think.

The W7 was half price so snapped that up as heard they are pretty good. I have been trying to find a deep purple burgundy colour that MAC does, can’t remember the name of the red, but don’t want to pay that sort of money on one lipstick. So picked up the lipstick in the photo today, it’s by make up revolution and the shade is 100% vamp. I don’t think its quite the shade I am after but its still a good colour and for £1 i’m not complaining. The other eye shadow pallet is another make up revolution product.  £4 reduced from £6. I now have 6 eye shadow pallets just from that brand, and there are more I want to get.
Ok so we also have foundation as felt I need to try other foundations as well, eye primer in hope that it will stop my eye shadow from creasing and looking messy after half a day, and a little something to clean my brushes with. At the moment I can not be bothered to do that, but it really dose need doing.