Product review time

It’s been a while since I have done one of these.
I did say I would do one at the end of last month, *slaps hand for not doing it*
Ok so my first product I am reviewing is the Fortune favours the brave by makeup revolution
I was so excited when I got my hands on this. I had heard such good reviews on it. The colours are great. I love them. There are a few colours that I do really like but sadly being paled skinned don’t show up well, but work well as a light highlight. The colours are well pigmented and providing you use an eye primer stay on quite well too. You can buy this product for £9.99 it’s one of their dearer products but the fact that it comes with a fab brush makes it so worth it. 7/10

2nd product is again makeup revolution. Like angels eyes
This product I love love love. I love the colours. I love how well they blend and how long they stay on. This product I really do recommend. If you like to experiment with colours shades then this is so for you and for £8 you’d be crazy not to try it. I found using a good eye shadow brush gives you better blending. 9/10

3rd and final one is from Avon, It’s the Clearskin Blemish clearing 3-in-1 cleanser scrub and mask. I was really blown away by this product. I have tried so many different skin products. Something to make my skin actually feel good and look better then it has done in years. This product dose that. I know I say I love a product at lot, but this one wow I am struggling to fault it. From the first use I noticed a difference. My skin feels so much softer it’s less oily in my oil prone spots and less dry is my dry prone spots. it’s currently £5 and sometimes appears on an offer.
Not saying any of that to boost my sales, saying because it is honestly 100% a great product. I give this product 10/10
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