Is media putting pressure on us?

I think this is one of those questions that get asked daily. You may not ask it daily but I am sure everyday there is at least one person some where who asks this question.
I do think media puts pressure on us. Lets face it you can’t look in a magazine without seeing some stick thin model, you can’t walk down the high street without seeing a skinny manikin in the window. I kid you not, last week walking past H&M the manikins in their window were stick think. I could have fitted my hands around their thighs and I have small hands. I have issues with my body and all I could think when I looked at the manikins in their window was how disgustingly thin they looked. On the subjects of manikins I know their are some stores (not H&M) that do have normal size manikins and by normal I mean manikins with shape. There are not many stores with them but there are a few. Most stores still do the size 8 models but it would be nice to see more stores using normal curvy manikins.
This is hard for me to say as I find it hard to see my body like, I don’t like seeing love handles and a belly. I have had 3 babies in 3 years so I am slowing learning to accept my body and with a little bit of toning there is no reason to why I can’t have the body I want and still be healthy. Any Ladies we are meant to have curves. Men love them. They love having something to hold on to. My husband is always on about how he loves how my body is now because I have shape. He knows how I feel about my body and he knows him saying that helps me to have a little more confidence. Getting more confidence is all part of my journey to becoming a yummy mummy.
Ok so me the definition of a yummy mummy is a mum who is confident in herself and shows, she is someone who dresses nicely but still comfortable. She wears make-up for her not anyone else.

Kinda gone of subject. Dose media put pressure on us too look a certain way. I think it dose. Valentines day there is pressure on us to look sexy for our partner. The summer there is pressure on us to get that summer body.
One advert on TV last year asked are you beach body ready. Now that to me screams putting pressure on us to look good.
As the weather gets colder is about the only time where there is not so much pressure on us.
Remember when ever you feel down about your self take a good look at your self and find the good in yourself. Nothing bad only the good.
When I look at myself when I have moments like that I see my eyes and how I like the green in them. I see my curvy waist and hips and how my husband loves them. I see my slim(ish) legs and how they look good in a pair of heels.