Happy New Year

Happy new year all. I hope 2016 is a good year for you all and for one lady in mind today this is your year, the year you finally get what you’ve wanted for so long.

Ok so most years I make resolutions and within a few weeks give in and stop bothering. This year however I want it to be different, this time next year I want to be able to say yeah I did my resolutions, I stuck to them. Some of mine are challenging for me and will be hard for me to do but if I can do them then that’s great I will be so happy with myself.
So they are:

  • To start working out and get my college body back
  • To have faith in myself and gain more confidence
  • To get out more when hubby starts up in the forces again.

They may seem like pretty easy ones to some. but if you lack confidence to start trying to even begin to have faith in yourself is hard. Where do you start?

Today I was going to go make-up free but wanted to try out some new shades, so tried a golden brown, tried doing smoky eyes but that kinda failed. It didn’t look to bad but wasn’t the smoky eyed effect I was going for.  I think next week (I get paid then) i’m going to look into some different shades of lipstick, maybe try some nudes and reds, after getting a new hoover of course, really really do need one.