Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

This weeks photo challenge is admiration.

I admire my mum in law.
When I was 19 I had been with my husband then boyfriend (her eldest) only 2 years. I was having troubles at home, Basically hated seeing my mum waste money on drink and fags, wasting tax payers money. I hated going home. It was her and her husband that suggested I moved in. It took a few times of them asking before I actually did. She always looks out for me.
She’s gone through a lot her self, She’s beaten depression and body dismorphier. Pretty much sticking her middle finger up at them. She’s turned her life around. I feel I can talk to her about anything. Something I could never do with my mum, not that I like calling her mum, It kinda felt like she didn’t really want us and that she was doing a half arsed job trying to bring us up.
Anyway when I was in and out of hospital in my 3rd pregnancy it was my mum in law that always looked after my boys, when I was working she’d finish her shift and go straight into looking after my boys so I could work. She dose a lot for me my husband and our boys.



Weekly photo challenge: Dinner time

This week’s photo challenge is Dinner time.

I love a slow cooked home made meal, give a chunky chicken soup, or any meaty type of stew and casserole and as long as it was home made i’d be in heaven. its my comfort food. I love smelling it cook and then the enjoyment of it cooking. In actual fact it is one of few foods that I don’t feel guilty for eating.


Weekly photo challenge: Future

When I think about future in a photo I imagine children, after all they are our future. Or maybe a photo that some how shows all the seasons, an old pocket watch placed on the pages of a discoloured book. Future can be shown in a photo in so many ways but its all down to how the person taken the photo see future.
When I think about future, I think what kind of future are we giving are children, are we going to be able to give them a future they deserve?

Weekly photo challenge: Landscapes

I love a good photo. Something you look at and think I wish I was there. Landscape photos are great at doing that.

down hillDSC01656DSC01634

I was stuck between 3 photos.
The 1st was taken about 4 years ago. My husband and I had gone for a walk around Queen Elizabeth country park. The views there are amazing. I saw this and just had to take the shot.
The 2nd and 3rd were both taken from my living room window just a few days ago. The plus of living on a top floor flat is seeing sunsets like this. I just loved the fiery red the sunset gave off and how the clouds looked like it was brewing a storm.

Weekly photo challenge: One Love

Usually I would do this on a Wednesday but as i’m am not sure if I will be online tomorrow I thought I would post today. After this photo challenge I will be doing them on a Saturday.

This week’s photo challenge is one love. I knew exactly what or should I say my one love is, but trying to get a photo of him that I was happy with has proven my most challenging yet. One love has a different meaning to everyone. For some one love could an object. Maybe it’s something they seek comfort in. Others it could be a person.
My one love is my husband, a pain in the bum but he is someone I could not do without. He keeps me going when I have my bad days. He knows just the words to say to make be laugh.

It’s not the best of photos, I would have preferred a better one but he’s not all that photogenic. This was taken shortly after my 2nd son was born, I think around 3 months.



This is one of my favourite photos of us, it’s a day i’ll never forget. Although times I wish I didn’t go for the first dress I tried on but it was the dress I pictured when he popped the question.

Weekly photo challenge: Harmony


I took this on mother’s day (UK mother’s day). I was sat on a large rock cliff edge sort of thing. To big to be a rock but to small to be a cliff. The sea was out, when it’s in it usually comes up right over the concrete. A train use to travel along this. The metal bit in the middle use to turn part of the bridge to allow boats through when a train was not crossing.
I love coming here. listening to the birds overhead, sometimes you can hear the waves hit the rocks further along the harbour. The traffic travel along the bridge around 400 years away spoils it a little but block that out and it’s my perfect harmony.

Weekly photo challenge: State of mind

Well after my post yesterday I had a few ideas of what to do, but that would mean a full length mirror and a set of scales to which neither I have. I wanted to do something that shows that even though you are there your not always visible and sometimes you feel like you are in a lonely place looking out into the world. I then remembered a photo I took last week I think it was, may have been the week before and thought it would be perfect


The moon.
It’s there but you can’t always see it. It’s a lonely place looking into the world.
I don’t really have much to say. It’s hard to show one’s state of mind when they are only just realising it their self.


photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

One of my hobbies is photography. I love being able to get out (which doesn’t happen often) and try and capture that perfect photo, or at least a photo I am happy with. The last few years our winters have become mild and stormy. I haven’t seen a good amount of snow since my eldest was about 2 weeks old in 2013.
This photo I captured about a month ago maybe a little more, I added a HDR edit to make it a little more dramatic. waves2

This photo was taken on Hayling Island seafront at around 3 in the afternoon as the sun had started to set. There was a break in the cloud that aloud me to see a little sun but felt that it wasn’t worth taking a photo of as I would not have been happy with the results.

Photo challenge

Saw this in a blog I am following and thought it looked like fun, It’s adds something else to my blog other the make-up clothes and pretty much my journey to a some what yummy mummy haha.

ok so day one of the photo challenge is Black & White.

A photo of my eldest when he first started learning to walk. Seems so long ago now, might have something to do with the fact that I’ve have another 2 little ones since then. I had actually not long had my second when this photo was taken.