Weekly photo challenge: Landscapes

I love a good photo. Something you look at and think I wish I was there. Landscape photos are great at doing that.

down hillDSC01656DSC01634

I was stuck between 3 photos.
The 1st was taken about 4 years ago. My husband and I had gone for a walk around Queen Elizabeth country park. The views there are amazing. I saw this and just had to take the shot.
The 2nd and 3rd were both taken from my living room window just a few days ago. The plus of living on a top floor flat is seeing sunsets like this. I just loved the fiery red the sunset gave off and how the clouds looked like it was brewing a storm.


Weekly photo challenge: Half-light

brewing storm

I was in the car waiting for husband to leave his parents, He was talking to his dad about a hobby they do together. The sunĀ  was setting behind me, storm clouds were brewing. I love how the sun hit just the right spots. I thought perfect. What better time to capture this.

This weeks photo challenge Half-Light